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Innovate The Experience s.r.o., Innovate Live s.r.o. a Innovate, s.r.o. (hereinafter Innovate) operates consumer competitions, organizes social events, produces and operates applications intended for mobile devices, and creates websites, online systems, web forms, eshops, etc. (hereinafter “Services”). These Principles for the Protection of Personal Data explain how Innovate handles information about users and information provided by users, including their gathering, use, and sharing in connection with the Services and with inclusion in the Innovate database. By accessing or using the Services you are giving your consent to the processes described in these Principles for the Protection of Personal Data.

What type of information is gathered?

The information you provide to Innovate when using our Services, e.g. when completing the registration form or registering for the application or website, you will be requested to give your name, email address, telephone number, place of residence, date of birth, and other information, for example information about your physical dimensions and measurements.
When communicating and using the application you will provide Innovate with information in the form of e.g. your name, email address, and the telephone contacts in your mobile device.
If you purchase something within the Services of Innovate or using these Services, Innovate will gather information about the transaction completed, i.e. information about the payment, payment activity, and details on delivery and contact information.
If as part of your use of the Services you add a comment, share content, or communicate with other users of the application or web or online pages, Innovate will save this communications activity and information associated therewith, for example the date when the comment was created.
Innovate will also collect information automatically during your use of the Services. This includes e.g. information about games, content, applications, and other resources with which you interact, and information gathered in the form of cookie files, local files, pixels, and similar technologies or their environment.
If you access the Services of Innovate, data may also be gathered about the type of device you are using, your browser and operating system, your IP (Internet Protocol) address and certain device identifiers that may be unique to your device.
Also location data that may be derived from information such as the IP address of your device. If you use a mobile device, Innovate may gather information about the exact location of your device derived from sources such as the GPS signal of your device and information about surrounding WiFi networks and mobile transmitters.
Third Parties may also use our Services to gather information about you, as described below. Innovate may gather information about you from other companies that belong to a group of affiliated companies legally forming part of the same group of companies to which Innovate belongs, or with those who may yet become part of this group, e.g. Facebook or Instagram, and may combine this information with your other personal data.
Innovate may also obtain additional information about you from third parties including partners who provide publicly known or commercially available information and Innovate may combine this information with other data gathered about you.

How is this information used?

The information obtained are or may be used for the provision of the Services which you use or request, namely for:

  • enabling communication among individual users
  • providing technical support and communications pertaining to the Services
  • information about updates to the Services
  • provision of content for the Services, games, applications, and other means
  • creation of user profiles
  • adaptation, improvement, and development of the user environment on the basis of your online activities including content, games, applications, and other functions with which you interact, other online services you use, and other information gathered
  • analyzing and determining methods in which the Services are used, soliciting and obtaining feedback and opinions and their analysis
  • improving Services offered by third parties providing content, games, applications, and other functions in association with Innovate Services.
  • offering products and services, marketing offers, sending promotional messages and consent associated with the Services and otherwise.
  • monitoring reactions to marketing activities
  • ensuring the safety and security of Services, for example investigating suspicious activity or breach of conditions and principles and protection of other rights and property
  • offering products and services including the sending of information about organized events, products, and other activities, as well as sending business communications using electronic means as described by Act No. 480/2004.

Who may gain access to your personal information?

Your information may be shared by Innovate for any purpose for which you give your consent.
The information you make public in your profile, as well as your system-generated user ID or alias, will be publicly visible to all people within the Services and otherwise.
The Information you add in public or interactive sections of the Services, for example in forums, the blog, or other community tools, will also be visible publicly in the Services and otherwise. Certain information associated with your public comments, for example the time of your comment, may also be published and publicly accessible.
Information obtained may also be shared within the group of affiliated companies legally forming part of the same group of companies to which Innovate belongs, or with those who may yet become part of this group, e.g. Facebook or Instagram.
Information may also be shared with providers of services, that is, with suppliers of Innovate, developers, and other partners who develop and support the Services (for example hosting of the Services, filling orders, securing payments, conducting analyses, processing payments using credit cards, providing services to customers, or furnishing electronic communication).
Also other parties in association with specific business transactions. In the event that changes to the ownership of Innovate or any part thereof may occur as a result of merger, acquisition, or bankruptcy, information obtained from you and about you may be transferred to a different company.
Innovate may share data aggregated or devoid of identification elements, that is, without your name or contact information so that a specific person may not be identified, with other parties for any purpose.

Reaction to lawful submitted requests and prevention of damages

Information about your person may be shared with bodies of public authority solely on the basis of a court ruling or other authorized request in accordance with the law of the Czech Republic. Innovate is authorized to display, retain, and share your information if requested to do so by a lawful submitted request (e.g. on the basis of request for disclosure of saved content or court order) and if it may be assumed in good faith that such process is required by law.
Innovate may also use, retain, and share your Information in the event that it may be assumed in good faith that it is essential to the discovery, prevention, or resolution of fraud and other unlawful activity, the protection of the Services, you and others, including investigations or for the prevention of death or existing threats to human health.
Innovate may also use, process, and store the information it obtains about you, including data regarding financial transactions associated with purchases carried out in our Services or through their use, for a longer period of time in the event that they are the subject of a lawful submitted request or requirement, official police investigation or investigation in association with potential breach of our conditions and principles, or if it is necessary to retain such information in order to prevent other injury. It may also retain information from accounts deactivated for breach of conditions for a minimum of the previous year for the prevention of repeat abuse or other breach of these conditions.

Third parties providing content or marketing activities or functions within the Services

Other companies may gather information within Innovate’s Services or through their use in order to address you with marketing offers. These and third parties may gather information about your use of the Services, including information obtained using cookie files, device IDs, local storage, pixels and other technologies, and this information may be gathered gradually and consolidated with data obtained on other websites and in other online services.

Closing provisions

Although Innovate endeavours to protect the information it stores, it cannot guarantee the security of the information you provide or transfer to the Services and cannot be held responsible for the theft, destruction or unintentional disclosure of that information. Your data is provided to Innovate for a period of five years, or until the moment of a request for the destruction of your personal data. By using the Services you acknowledge your rights under § 11, 21 of Act no. 101/2000 Coll., i.e. that the provision of data is voluntary, and you have been informed by Innovate that you can withdraw your consent in writing and free of charge at any time, and that you have the right of access to your personal data. In the event that the you find or believe that Innovate is processing your personal data in a way that is contrary to the protection of the private and personal life of the buyer, or in breach of the law, in particular if the personal data is inaccurate with regard to its processing, then you may:

  • ask the administrator or processor for an explanation,
  • require the vendor or processor to remedy the resulting condition. In particular, this may involve the blocking, repairing, supplementing or destruction of personal data.

If the buyer's request under the preceding clause is found to be justified, the vendor or processor shall immediately remedy the defective condition. If the vendor or processor fails to comply with the request, the buyer has the right to contact the Data Protection Authority directly. This provision is without prejudice to the purchaser's right to contact the Office for Personal Data Protection directly with his or her complaint. The buyer may withdraw his or her consent to the processing of personal data at any time. The supervisory authority is the Office for Personal Data Protection -
By accessing or using the Services, you consent to the free use of your name, surname and city in the media (including the Internet) and in promotional and advertising materials in connection with the Services, and to the use of images of participants in connection with the Services for a period of ten years following termination of the Service.
The privacy policy applies from 1 January 2017. Should Innovate make any changes this Privacy Policy, it will provide notification of them accordingly. If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact Innovate at

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