This team fulfills everything I’ve ever wanted from an agency as a client. I want people to work hard and bring ideas of their own, to be reasonably priced, and to be personally appealing.

Martina Ptackova / Plzensky Prazdroj


Creativity Leader

Perfect proof that chaos is a condition of creativity. Invite him to a meeting and experience a fireworks display of ideas, analyses and insights in which stay firmly rooted in the ground while taking you up into the clouds.


Team Spirit Sorceress

An enchanting witch who you might think takes care only of our perfect functioning. Then you'll see her at an event, and you'll understand why things work so well for us.



The only one in the team whose role has truly been in their blood since birth. If you need to be inspired to ingenuously pursue ideas, or shown how to best sink your teeth into a new opportunity, then he's the right choice for you.
IG: winnie_the_tracker


Expedition Guide

A gentleman and surfer who rides the waves of social trends that are visible only to future generations.  He cuts through projects as smoothly as a surfboard through water, taking you through some acrobatic maneuvers before depositing you on the beach, breathless and ready for more.


Captain & ExM Trainer

Sees in all directions simultaneously, and thus manages to reveal what most experienced guides miss. Clears the path, and respects the pace of everyone in the team.


Operations Leader

Where most people see an obstacle, Petra finds a solution. With a refined elegance, she will guide you through even the most complicated processes, and resolve crises with grace.


Expedition Guide & Media Queen

A positive hypernova with the courage to express her style and comment on anything, anytime. Just take a moment to talk with her, and you will be up to date on all the latest trends.



Prestigious awards recipient, member of the Art Directors Club and lover of the "Think first, design later" philosophy. He works from Canada, so during our sleepless nights he brings a fresh perspective to the concepts.


Head of Brand Experience

Though he is silent, his head captures complex thoughts and transforms them into single brave idea. This is what leads him repeatedly to the stage to receive local and international awards.


Content Master

A master at creating breathtaking shots, Filip is a natural storyteller who captures stories and transforms them into digital masterpieces. It's hard to find a more passionate guide to the multimedia world.


Voice of Experience

A voice from the Ozarks that you will love for its depth, clarity, and content, Brad puts the same care and attention to detail into voice-overs and English texts as he does into the personal development of each crew member.


Operations Specialist

Beauty and the beast in a unique combination. With the energy of a red bull, the competitiveness of a racehorse and a contagious laugh, she has the right personality mix for the frantic realisation of projects and keeping up the great mood among the whole team.


Base Camp Guardian

The very personification of responsibility, with a dash of determination to avoid half-measures. With the same passion that allows her to put off her everyday duties and throw herself into her nightlife.

It’s always the right time to visit our Base Camp.

No matter the day, weather conditions, or situation, we can meet in our beloved Base Camp.

Production and studio team. Creative and workshop hub. 300 square meters of production space. Technical warehouse and equipment. And a parking space for your car, of course.

is a superpower.

Would you like to show us your talent, project, technology, join our team, or want to just come over to chat? We are deeply interested in everything that can make marketing more attractive.


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Brand account manager

Rosteme volna pozice marketing experience agentura Gorenje pracka

You make wow campaigns.

You already know that the client is a respected partner. You are a person with good energy and the will to complete campaigns. And even if you have at least 4 years of experience in the ad agency, you want to move to wow activations that are fun for yourself and others. And build your own team.

Is this you?

Project manager

Rosteme volna pozice marketing experience agentura Gorenje pracka

You bring live events and brand-experience campaigns to life.

You'll go to the end of your tether to deliver what you promised. You are a team player. And even if you already have very good experience in event management, you're exploring new ways.

Is this you?

Work, meet and create in the Hangar.

Our creative hub is ready to be rented for your offsite meetings, workshops, online streaming, social events, co-working, and relaxing yoga sessions.

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