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Jiri Machacek

Use music to create mood

Advertising is dead.

It carefully describes the benefits of a brand, purchases space in the media, gives the benefits the maximum possible exposure, and waits for the expected reaction.


Today, people are simply screening out most of the classical advertising messages.

The result is impressive reach
numbers and low sales impact.

If a brand also desires to reach people's shopping lists, it must deliver more than just promises about quality, performance and service.

Therefore, marketers need to move beyond brand awareness

to gain people's attention and trust in the emerging experience economy era.

There is no better sales driver
than brand experiences that are being shared.

Much more important nowadays are the authentic experiences that people gain with a brand

– the ones they‘r talking about.

They want the brand to have a purpose, to demonstrate what it promises, and to meet the expectations it raises. And, because people yearn for new experiences, a space naturally opens up in which brands can succeed.


That’s why

our whole team has become passionate about experiential marketing. We create strategies with memorable, active brand exploration at their core.

Marketers can look forward to spending less on media and reaping a significant increase in sales…

and reaching goals such as brand credibility, brand bonding and brand understanding. For those searching for useful ways to get reach with high attention and to differentiate their brand content from the competition, we offer a more attractive journey…

more important than ever.

If you are daring to be different and want to innovate brand strategy, it’s the right time

to meet the Next Big Thing.

A marketing strategy that bring brands to life and creates authentic, purpose-driven communication of the brand leaders.

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