We are a brand-experience team

that helps marketers transform traditional communication into a more inspiring and active brand exploration – experiential marketing. We do this by engaging people, staging experiences and rendering authenticity.

Daring To Be Different

2002. Born of Passion.

On a practically green field, literally a jump from the Green Lane, Jirka establishes his first office. He places a laptop on a single table in a small attic and fills the space with all he has – experience from sales promotions and enthusiasm. His companion is his dog Odie and a vision of a different kind of brand communication.
Yes, it's really a phone by his left hand.

2003. Hand in Hand With Internet Design.

Jirka meets Filip Crhák and creates a business-creative tandem for several amazing years. The Innovate brand is born. Together, they win the first big tender. Far before the arrival of Facebook, they are building an online pixel art city for Algida, in which they connect twenty thousand members of the Icebreakers Club. If the brand had lasted a few years longer, it would probably be the largest social network of its type today.

2004. The Year of Pride.

The award for Best Medium of the Year for AlgidaCity kicked off everything. Followed by amazing work for Pepsi, Frisco and Ferrari.

Award: Best Company Medium of the Year.

2006. Sorceress on Board.

While other companies look for a happiness manager, Anet comes and Innovate has had its own witch ever since. She captures our weaknesses, moods, matrix errors, disharmony, and without knowing how, she feels our needs.

2007. Mastering Events.

Innovate expands its reach to events. Organizes sports games, music festivals, conferences for brands. Thanks to the presentation created in just five hours, we win the tender for Oskar / Vodafone – a really, really, REALLY big one. The organizing team in the field numbers more than 200 people. We have to rent a hotel to hold the briefings.

2010. New Space to Grow.

We move, pack our few laptops, and set up a base camp right in the center of Prague. With the new premises comes new wind in our sails, and we expand the team.

2012. Creativity Leads to Success.

Creative director Jiří Jirka Kubík comes to Innovate. It is practically his last year in the Czech Republic because he moves to the Canadian mountains. We learn to work across time zones, and we win a tender to be the brand agency for UNYP – University of New York in Prague. For the next five years, we surf the waves of creativity, discover the magic of SEO and PPC advertising, devour new experiences, and implement them immediately.

2013. Making Photography Experiential.

We move into the stagnant waters of the photographic field and establish our own OAFF photography festival. Through it, we cooperate with the Nikon, Hensel and Carl Zeiss brands and present their products to visitors in a unique experiential form. We involve high school students in the ArtRoom competition and allow talents from all over the country to meet in one place.

2014. 10 Years and Still Rocking.

We celebrate ten years of amazing cooperation with brands Siemens, Bosch, and Gaggenau.

2015. Broken Hearts.

Only shortly after the completion of the second year of the photo festival, we lose the best from location production, Jiri Hopp. We realize that our time also has its limits.

2016. What Goes Down Must Go Up.

There are better years and there are worse ones. Odie left us. He was our angel and now he has his wings. Jirka experiences burnout. It is his perseverance and Anet's ability to keep his head up that lead Innovate to a whole new story, miles away from obsolete traditional marketing.

2017. Reimagined.

We work hard to transform Innovate. We found ourselves. We can connect the live and digital world better than anyone else. We know what we want, we know our "why" and we can boldly move towards creating modern brand communication. Innovate has earned its purpose. Thanks, Simon Sinek.

We are hit by the news of the sudden death of Filip Crhák. Just two years after he put his red shorts on the Castle. Thanks, Filip, we were honored.

Innovate became listed in the prestigiuos gallery of companies with a great corporate culture at Cocuma.

2018. Innovate Reborn.

Into the world of engagement marketing. We have set a course for active communication. The current transformation of the economic cycle from "service economy" to "experience economy" has brought about a fundamental change in the marketing funnel. We therefore moved the original activity of the advertising agency to a completely new chapter in modern marketing.

We start a new era with a project for Siemens and Czech Railways with fantastic results.

2019. New Blood.

The team strengthens. Winnie the dog comes and teaches us patience. New blood pumps up Innovate's enthusiasm and experience. We grow together with new presentations and campaigns. We punched above one's weight and we create unique content for brands.

2020. There Is a Light Out There.

In February, we are preparing to sign large projects and winning tenders. In March, clients cancel all marketing activities due to government regulations. The team sticks together, cuts their salaries in half, and relies on creating new ideas. The Dark Ages last almost six months.

In June, we celebrate the age of majority and donate a digital broadcast studio. One more reason to buy a lot of great technology, which we definitely need.

We conquer large multinational agencies and start working for Gorenje and Philip Morris. Honestly, who would say that after a whole year of being affected by the brutal crisis, such a bright light appears to be the end of the tunnel. We feel trembling…

2021. Innovate Strikes Back.

While some brands are still waking up from Covid-inflicted lethargy, we are already firmly in the driver's seat of experience marketing.

For Gorenje, we are setting up a vegetable social movement for better conditions in refrigerators. Through interactive video training, we will lead new players to the Hisense television team. We can now get out and meet people again, and so we will travel around the country with a giant washing machine transformed into a human hamster wheel. Welcome to the first people to have successfully solved the Bosch escape game.

The team is building and rejuvenating the Hangar - an interactive space for presentations, workshops, and meetings.

2022. The Vibrant Year.

A tumultuous year brought many key moments and achievements. We baked a campaign that literally swept the warehouse with Gorenje OptiBake.  Gorenje OptiBake ovens. We're getting a standing ovation for the most successful Advantage season so far for Advantage Cars. Miky Karas, prestigious creativity awards recipient and ADC*E juryman, and Simona from the Red Bull team, chose our brand-experience team Innovate as their place of work. We are also celebrating the investice.cz project - Google chose it as a trusted source of news, and the client's brand thus spreads to hundreds of thousands of other people. We are celebrating the end of the year with victory in an extremely demanding tender for Hami from Danone.

To Be Continued ...

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