Our Cookies Favor The Bold.

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While Google puts a lot of effort into inventing technologies to create targeted advertising, at Innovate we believe that the best cookies are those that go through the stomach. And our cookies have a big advantage - you can actually taste them.

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Do You Know About Them?

Cookies are small text files that allow website operators to analyze site visits. They tell us what you want. We are quite keen on this, so we decided to share them with you.

This is their true story.

Made By A Skilled Confectioner.

If you care about what you eat, you should know that our cookies are gluten-free. We use high-quality butter, white and cane sugar, organic eggs, rice flour, corn starch, xanthan gum, bourbon vanilla and Callebaut’s fantastic 70.5% chocolate. We love diversity, so we also have coconut and peanut-caramel options. They’re simply divine.

insight experience marketing experiential event cookies 4 innovate.rocks

Signed, Sealed, Served.

We also paid particular attention to the packaging, which allows you to look up the cookies’ story. Simply open the Viz-I app, point your phone at the packaging and the story opens before your eyes.

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And the best is yet to come. Innovate cookies are free, as a reward for having the courage to discover new things. All you have to do is meet up – either in person in our comfy offices, over lunch at our Hangar, or online, depending on trends.

We devote the same care to our – that is, your – cookies as we do to brand campaigns and the delicious catering at the soirees we organize – for example, the Alice in Wonderland-themed one.

We are a brand-experience team, and our cookies are like us – they understand your tastes, too.

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Oreo skrýš pro soudný den.

Norsko: Až to přijde, sušenky mlékem milované přežijí. 

V ložnici u Van Gogha.

USA: Díky Art Institute of Chicago a Airbnb ucítíte, jaké to je žít v obraze.

Čerpací stanice pro holky.

USA: YSL Beauty postavil na ikonické Route 111 v kalifornské poušti pop-up obchod a make-up oázu v jednom.

Spánek pod Noční hlídkou.

Holandsko: Rijksmuseum odměnilo 10,000,000. návštěvníka unikátním zážitkem.

Toy box bus.

Skotsko: Model nového autobusu v měřítku 1:1.

Survival billboard.

Anglie: X-box připravil poutavé sledování boje o přežití naživo.

Chuť vzpomínek na dětství.

USA: Oreo vás dostane zpět do dětských let. Doslova.

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