Getting closer to people.

Bosch virtual conference

Who says Teams Meetings have to be boring?


Deliverables ...

Strategic thinking
Visual strategy
Content production
Virtual event production

How we created a super trooper fantastic! wow! cool! exciting! amazing! fantastic! virtual gathering.

The Brand Positioning Statement reimagined. We are moving beyond product features and benefits. That is the main message. But how to explain the main shift of the brand to 150 marketers from all around the world?

Well, this time, instead of us, we let our client and conference leader Lucia speak for herself about this experience. 😴

Unable to meet up in person…

with everyone in the region to introduce the new Brand Positioning, we still wanted to do something different.
Something that would stand out 🏆
Something that would inspire and educate 💡
...and Innovate grabbed the bull by the horns.

From product-centered
to human-centered.

Innovate strategists helped to find the right tone of voice.
We inspired the people at Bosch with an innovative vision of how the brand should be perceived by customers… in a straightforward, clear, and engaging way.

Main topic 3D visualization.

To illustrate the shift of focus from machine to man from every angle, we look at the worker in 3D. We used motion capture technology to show minor movements in the human body and to explain the concept of a new BPS strategy. As event teasers, we proposed heat patches for back and muscle pain be delivered to tables.

A unique space created.

We added a new perspective by transforming the brand's 2D visuals into a 3D world. A familiar construction environment welcomed PeTe - a virtual avatar of a professional user. Accompanied by an interactive quiz that helped the audience better understand the true meaning of BPS’s change.

A master class session...

For the keynote speaker, we invited an external expert specialized in brand building - Ken Schmidt, the legendary marketer from Harley Davidson. Yes, guys, this was a kind of masterstroke. An almost one-hour speech full of enthusiasm, insights, and amazing inspiration. Thank you, Ken, you did a great job! Do you know what Ken said about this virtual happening? Keep reading...

Being in a virtual heaven

Screenplay director, operators, sound masters, tens of screens, green screen, lighting. Like a live event, but with everything within a couple square meters in Prague's fully-equipped virtual studio. And while the live audience's emotions were absent, the chat was filled with exclamations of amazement from the very beginning of the broadcast.

Big thanks
to incredible job! 🙌

It was my pleasure to co-host this online internal event
and bring the Brand Positioning topic closer to everyone. 
PS: I haven´t stood in front of the camera since before covid,
and never in a green screen studio. But let me tell you,
it was thrilling! Lucia 🎬

Yep, we deeply appreciate these feedbacks from Ken Schmidt and more than one hundred guests all around the world.

Ken Schmidt feedback to innovate team 01

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